influencers as part of media mix

Why influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing grows in popularity. This blog post will reveal you why you should consider influencers as part of your media mix. 

It is a well-known fact that technology and social media have caused significant changes in our lives. The effect is visible in every single aspect of our daily routines and behavior. For instance, the way we search for products, shop, consume and perceive advertisements.

Social media has changed a lot throughout years. It has transformed from an inspirational digital platform to a crucial marketing tool, which allows brands to connect and engage with their audience. Throughout time, more people are joining social media platforms daily by creating their own personal account. According to statistics, social media users are growing with up to 9% each year

In fact, the number of Social Media users is growing with up to 9% each year.

Some of these users, however, are very unique. In fact, they are well-respected public figures with established credibility and trustworthiness in a specific industry. In short, we call them “influencers”.

Influencers create inspirational content, which provokes positive feelings among their enthusiastic followers. Therefore, their strongest power is the ability to affect their audience’s decisions because of their credibility, favorable image, and constant engagement.

How can influencers be beneficial to your brand?

Nowadays, consumers are exposed to a tremendous amount of ads offline, as well as online. 

First of all, the logical consequence of this exposure of promotional materials is the consumers’ absolute indifference towards them.

Consequently, ads are not that effective nowadays, as they were in the past. For that reason, marketers have to find a new way to influence buyers’ perception and to connect with them. 

However, 74% of consumers submit a purchase influenced by social media. 

Having in mind that people trust people over logos, a beloved influencer can build the positive reputation, which your brand needs.

According to a study by ODM Group, 74% of consumers' buying decisions are influenced by social networks.

A collaboration with influencer is the essence of Influencer Marketing, which is the modernized version of WOM. Marketers must take advantage of the trust placed on influencers and use it as a social proof, advocating for their brand.

What is it and how does it work?

Influencer marketing is usually part of a social media marketing strategy. It is an approach, which is based on active communication with customers. The right influencer can fill the gap between your company and potential customers, making you stand out among other businesses. Such a strategy is community-focused, emotion-driven, and have a big impact on your social engagement.

As a matter of a fact, 84% of companies plan to implement such a strategy. Another 81% are already familiar with it and claim to be satisfied with the results. 

An influencer marketing campaign will bring a company closer to its customer, by making it more approachable for the audience. So, consider influencers as part of your media mix, so that you can add this human-touch to the brand. It will make the promotional experience more personalized and credible. Above all, buyers adore it. 

Partnership with an influencer is one of the most trusted and effective methods of reaching consumers. 84% of companies plan to implement such a strategy, while 81% are already familiar with it and claim to be satisfied with the results.

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