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Are you ready to nail influencer marketing 3.0?

Then, you need an end-to-end influencer marketing software. And a team of badass specialists who have worked in the shoes of brands, agencies, and influencers. Guess what? We got all that.

We highly valued that Woomio was able to help us ‘grow into it’ and build a strong partnership – a team spirit – along the way – and, by that, offering more than a software.

Stop your obsession with clicks and likes.

‘Cause influencer marketing is not about that.

It’s about measuring business impact, building communities, and making your brand move on the wheels of word-of-mouth. It’s about smoothing and supporting your daily work with creators.

It’s also influencer marketing 3.0. And it’s the promise you get when you choose Woomio.

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From likes to longevity.
To create lasting impact with influencer marketing, Woomio empowers brands to see beyond vanity metrics and capture true business impact.

Woomio: Your all-in-one influencer marketing software

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Organize your influencer contact data. Store sensitive data to make GDPR happy. And structure with lists and tags in a way that makes Excel sheets look messy.

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Before Woomio, we had another software tool. However, it did not give us as much information as we would hope in terms of KPIs and data. Today with Woomio, we set up lists and make different campaigns accordingly. Now, we have all the insights we need on the influencers to be able to make the right decisions on who to add to our campaigns.

Once the campaign is set we monitor them through Woomio. In this way, we don’t miss out on any content, and we check if the influencers have posted as agreed. To get the most accurate outcome we also put in the campaign cost. After the campaign is done, we make reports and analyze the results.

Using Woomio definitely saves us time on a daily basis. Our influencers are very pleased with our new email send-outs due to the more inviting design of context and photos. Regarding the KPIs, we can now measure more areas, which is a big benefit for us. Some key metrics that we look for are the number of impressions, reach, engagement, CPTI, and of course the ROI.

Annie K. Fors

Influencer Marketing Specialist at Kicks

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Woomio gives you all the tools and training you need
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Discover and work with relevant influencers.

Search among +180 million social creators to find your perfect match. Benchmark them towards your KPIs. Analyze their audience and predict the potential performance before campaign kickoff.

Run multi-channel campaigns. No spreadsheets needed.

Get a 360-degree overview of your process in a
built-in Kanban campaign board.
Create personalized templates for streamlined
outreach with a drag and drop editor.

Less clickbait.
More click-throughs.

Track your creators’ posts and stories automatically.
No more asking for screenshots and crunching
numbers in yawny spreadsheets.

We save a lot of time by Woomio collecting the content from all our campaigns automatically (reels, stories, posts). It’s a lifesaver. Also, Woomio helps us to ensure the data fit before reaching out to influencers.

Luiza Søby

CEO and co-founder at reeach agency

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