NÜ Denmark

Nu Denmark is fashion defined by a modern, provocative and laid-back design, expressed in a sexy and glamorous way. Luxurious fabrics such as silk, wool, and leather are embellished with handmade prints, embroideries, and characteristic details of exquisite workmanship. It is providing the unique DNA that characterizes NÜ. Feminine elements and rock ‘n’ roll vibes are combined beautifully in a passionate universe of raw masculinity and sensual femininity.

Why do we use Woomio?

Nu Denmark is using Woomio for its performance analysis and influencer campaigns. With the help of  Woomio, Nu Denmark could save a lot of time analyzing data and acquiring the right Influencer for their marketing campaigns. Now they were able to uplift their influencer marketing to a whole new level and achieve their desired goals.

Why are we successful?

NÜ styles are designed to stand out without being loud. The essence of NÜ is high-quality fashion made from luxurious materials such as viscose, lyocell, cotton, silk, wool, and leather, embellished with handmade prints and embroidery. Exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful details are the core of every item of clothing we design. The combination of raw masculinity, feminine sensuality, rock ‘n’ roll vibes, and attention to detail is what forms the unique DNA that makes NÜ stand out.

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