Influencer Marketing Akademiet

Christina Dreyer is a bubbly fiery soul who lives and breathes to create noticeable marketing results. I have worked with influencer marketing for the past seven years at my own influencer marketing agencies, as a senior consultant in a communications company and later as Head of Influencer Marketing. Now I’m back as a freelancer again and I love it!

Why do I use Woomio?

We are using Woomio for every aspect of our campaigns. It provides us with all the data we need to plan and execute successful marketing campaigns. Without Woomio we would not be able to deliver the same high-quality results as we do now.

Why we are successful?

Influencer marketing is from one consumer to another consumer and must combine an inspiring, fascinating or identifiable element. I work strategically, analytically, target group-focused, and experience-oriented. By supplementing with unique data points, we move away from decisions made on gut feelings that do not belong to time.

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