Hjaltelin Stahl

Hjaltelin Stahl consists of experts, who create unique and consistent customer experiences. Those lead to valuable relationships, reactions – and results on the customers’​ bottom line. Hjaltelin Stahl is part of Accenture Interactive. As a cross-media agency, they have a dedicated brand team at the ready, led by a Client Service Director, with a Creative Lead supplemented by the right specialists from digital, direct, social media, and customer experience.

Why do we Woomio?

Woomio has changed our entire approach to influencer marketing. With this tool, we have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the influencers and adapt our campaigns accordingly. Woomio provides us with the knowledge that we otherwise could not find that easily and ensures that our influencer campaigns reach a whole new level.

Why are we successful?

With excellent business acumen, intelligent use of data and technology as well as strong creativity, we get logic and magic to merge into well-thought-out and penetrating communication across more media and channels than ever. And according to the MyImage Analysis, we do it pretty well. We have been awarded number one in cross-media integration – and from 2016-2020 voted Best Agency in Denmark in a row.

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