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Did you know that…

Woomio stands for Word-of-mouth in operation?

But how do you explain the extra o, you might ask us. Well, just like James Bond, we think that it looks cooler with Double O (see what we did there?).

Hey, influencer agent. This is your chance to attract and retain more clients.
Go grab it.

Influencer marketing 3.0

Do you want to showcase your influencer talents in a data-convincing manner that makes you no. 1 choice among brands? And do you want to manage influencer marketing in a way that makes your influencer feel like your ‘first and only’ and yet like you’ve done it a gazillion times before?

Were those the most rhetorical questions you’ve read today (besides this one)?

Yes and, presumably, yes.

Influencer marketing 3.0

Then let’s talk about the thing you (don’t know you) came here for:
An influencer marketing tool that helps you make data-driven decisions and predictions on performance.

And we happen to offer a tool like that.

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Hear it from Weinfluence!

We joined Woomio three years ago. And this partnership has been an essential part of our work since. We sell campaigns and we simply could not look ourselves in the eyes if we couldn’t back our prices up with data. It helps us showcase our influencers and stay on top of their performance. With live performance tracking, we are able to tell exactly what a brand can expect from a collaboration. So, thanks to Woomio, we can always stay professional and live up to our clients’ expectations. When it comes to reporting, I used to spend many hours filling out spreadsheets manually. With Woomio, it literally takes five minutes. Amazing to get all this time back so I can spend it in a way that benefits both the company and me.

Benedicte Grumstrup, Founder and Agent, We Influence

Woomio: Your data-driven tool for topnotch influencer marketing.

With Woomio, you get all the help you need to grow and upgrade your roster of influencers and, of course, to knock your clients’ socks off. You can use the influencer discovery tool to scout rising talents in the social media landscape.

Woomio also gives you automated processes when it comes to content collection and reporting. This means that you can quickly make customized reports and dashboards for your clients.

Data =

We also support your project management with our campaign management feature, keeping you ‘on track’ in all collaboration stages – from brief accept and product wishes to signed contracts, posted content and paid invoices.

Woomio serves multiple stakeholders in the influencer space by making them able to:

Sounds pretty cool, right?
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Hey there, Agent!

Woomio is like your secret weapon for showing brands just how awesome your creators and talents are.
With Woomio, you can create solid connections between brands and your clients by showcasing their profiles and data qualities in an spectacular media kit.
Rikke, Campaign Enablement Team Lead

What's more trustworthy than crystal-clear data?

Search among +3 million social creators to find your perfect match. Benchmark them towards your KPIs. Analyze their audience and predict the potential performance before campaign kickoff.

Efficiency Breeds Effectiveness

We understand that working as an influencer agent often feels like you’re the go-between for both the brand and the client. However, Woomio serves as an excellent solution to gain a comprehensive view of collaborations, centralize all essential information, and stay readily prepared to enhance effectiveness for both you and your creators and talents.
Marie, Senior Influencer Marketing Strategist and Adoption Lead
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Woomio's main features assist you in:

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