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Featured Brand: Rosendahl Design Group

By Elin Jonsson, Head of Public Relations at Rosendahl Design Group,

Who is Rosendahl Design Group?

Innovation, creative joy and respect for Danish design tradition – these are the watchwords of Rosendahl Design Group. Our ambition is to profile and protect Danish design treasures by rediscovering classics – as well as creating new ones in keeping with Danish design tradition. 

The common denominator is products that make every day more beautiful and add value for our customers.

Elin Jonsson, Head Of Public Relations at Rosendahl Design Group

We are proud to represent a brand portfolio that embraces the much-loved classics of Danish design as well as innovative lifestyle products for the home, table and kitchen.

Our brand portfolio counts nine brands: Rosendahl, Holmegaard, Kay Bojesen Denmark, Kähler, Lyngby Porcelæn, Juna, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark, Arne Jacobsen Clocks and Global knives.

How do you work with influencer marketing today?

At Rosendahl Design Group we use many different channels in our communication to our consumers, one of them is influencer marketing.

We work with influencers where we see a great match between our brand value and the influencer’s value.

The products need to fit into the influencers universe, otherwise a collaboration will be untrustworthy.

It is a process that requires research and a close dialogue with our collaboration partners, but when it succeeds, we can see a positive effect.

We use insights and data to qualify our influencer collaborations before we agree on a collaboration.

In addition, insight and data makes it possible for us to continuously optimize performance and ensure that we keep getting smarter on what that works and what that doesn’t.

Your biggest challenges previously and how did you overcome them?

When we started to work with influencer marketing, we didn’t have tools for the selection or evaluation process and therefore it was mostly based on number of followers and aesthetics and we didn’t get any learnings for future collaborations.

Today, we have a data first-approach to influencer marketing and we use Woomio to get insights on the influencers statistics and performance so that we can make qualified decisions on which campaigns to run, predict what we can expect from the campaign and make sure it matches our KPIs.

Elin Jonsson, Head Of Public Relations at Rosendahl Design Group

Other than that we use Woomio to evaluate on our collaboration’s performances, both paid and unpaid collaborations.

Your best advice for succeeding with influencer marketing as a brand

You need to invest in getting to know the influencers that you want to use for a certain campaign and do a prediction on what you can expect from the collaboration to be sure that the results justify the campaign costs.

Follow the influencers and see if their tone of voice match yours? If you do that and use data to qualify your work, then you will get far.

Your biggest learning in the industry lately

The biggest learning when it comes to influencer marketing is probably to understand that there is a continuous change in the market and what worked 6 months ago might not work today. Therefore it is important to test and learn and always keep an eye on the data.

How do you see influencer collaborations in the future?

We believe that influencer marketing will continue to be important. We have historically always been inspired by influencers – also before the internet, consumers sought personal recommendations from others. Though, the platforms will definitely change but influencers will still be important. 

Consumers are smart and they don’t want to be spammed with commercial messages so I think we will see that influencers (and brands) that are selective in their choice of collaboration partners and always focus on what they want to say, their messages, will have most success going forward.

Elin Jonsson

Head of Public Relations at Rosendahl Design Group


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