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The More the Better - Why you should use an Influencer Brief Template to reach out to Influencers

Take the first step to a successful influencer marketing campaign. 

Most of today’s millennials don’t engage with brands or products in the same way their parents did— this is due to the change of communication through social media platforms. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, online platforms became more like newspapers with live streams and regular posts. That’s why influencer marketing has never been more relevant. Building relationships with influencers who share your values and interests are sometimes not as easy as it seems. Therefore, you should have an influencer brief ready to go!


To get the best version out of your campaign you need to know what it should contain. An influencer brief can help you with that and should therefore include your campaign ideas in a detailed and straightforward way. The influencers will know what their social media posts should cover and how to promote your product. The overall goal is to create a brief that will fit each influencer of interest in the best way without having the effort of rewriting that message over and over again – ‘cause who has time for that? 


The template is designed to help you get noticed by these high-impact influencers in the first place so that they are willing to cooperate and spread the word about your brand to help you gain new customers. Start your brief by introducing the company and product you want to be promoted, that way it is easier for them to know what your campaign will be about. After the influencer got the first insight into your campaign idea it’s now time to dig deeper – what channels should be posted on, how high the budget is, as well as the type of content you want if there are any special requirements. Don’t forget to include some inspirational content and last but not least include all legal information. Be as specific as possible!

With this template, you can:

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