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Pricing FAQ

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Do you provide customer support?

We have an excellent customer success team that will be with you from the moment you sign your subscription. They will onboard you with introductory sessions and will equip you with all learnings necessary to successfully manage your influencer marketing. We also have a series of ongoing live webinars, where you can ask specific questions for your needs in a live chat environment. 

What is the minimum contract duration?

We operate with a 12 months subscription plan.

What kinds of influencers do you have in your database?

We have indexed over 3 million influencers in our database at this point in time. This number changes everyday as some profiles will be removed due to GDPR and some added by our users’ activity on Quantify.  

Which channels do you support?

Currently we have an API for Instagram/ Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Blog. You are able to import your data from Snapchat, 

Do you have any free tools?

Yes! Our Quantify Chrome extension is available for free on the Chrome store. The extension allows you to qualify influencers directly on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok as you go about your daily tasks. Data Insights are key to a successful influencer effort. Quantify allows your team to view everything from  mediakits, engagement and follower audiences.