"It's very simple. We use Woomio in every aspect of an influencer campaign and we wouldn't be able to deliver the same high quality without their analysis tools."

Christina Dreyer, Senior Influencer Specialist at STEP

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Rosendahl design
Featured Client

Featured Brand: Rosendahl Design Group

Featured Brand: Rosendahl Design Group By Elin Jonsson, Head of Public Relations at Rosendahl Design Group, www.rosendahldesigngroup.dk Who is Rosendahl Design Group? Innovation, creative joy

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Featured Client

Featured Agency: Inmix

Featured Agency: Inmix By Frederik Nikolai Kruchov, Managing Director & Co-founder at Inmix, www.inmix.dk Who is Inmix? Inmix is a modern micro influencer marketing company,

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Featured Client

Featured Agency: STEP

Featured Agency: STEP By Christina Dreyer, Senior Influencer Specialist, www.step.dk Who is STEP? Regardless of whether you want to sell products, services, create loyalty or

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Featured Client

Featured Agency: Tribes.

Featured Agency: TRIBES. By Jonas Soho, Managing Director, www.wearetribes.com Who is TRIBES? We are a content & creator marketing agency, specialized in personality based campaigns,

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"Streamlining processes is one of the most important elements when working with influencers. The Woomio platform helps me with that."

Marie Klee, Co-founder at Up-Agency

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"The ideal influencer is not only about figures neither it’s only about gut feelings. It’s a little bit of both and with Woomio it has become a lot easier to identify the right influencers on both levels."

Jonas Soho, Managing Director at TRIBES.