How to choose the right influencer?

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Published: January 13, 2023

To develop a successful Influencer Marketing campaign with the right influencer, a brand has to consider many significant points. This strategy type relies completely on creative influencers and the captivating content they create.

People trust Influencers because they are authentic, creative, and engaging. Social media users look up to their peers because they share the same values, interests, and lifestyles.

With a clear understanding of all these facts, we can conclude that the choice of an influencer is critical to your campaign’s success.

If a brand chooses the right fit for its campaign, the content creator can reach their target audience, and make a greater impact compared to traditional media.

On the other hand, engaging with the wrong influencer might create a risk of massive monetary and time losses.

Fortunately, we have gathered for you all the information needed to take into consideration when choosing the ambassador for your campaign.


Relevance is key. The first aspect in determining whether an influencer is the right one for you is the industry they cover. Does it match your industry?

If you have a travel agency, for example, it would be ineffective to work with a makeup vlogger, right? A useful tip is to search for influencers with keywords or hashtags, relevant to your brand and business field.

Furthermore, always check if influencer’s audience demographics and interests match with these of your target audience. In case you target females, seek a content creator with mostly female followers. This is an absolute promise for a better impact.

Reach & Engagement

Follower count is just not enough, indeed it can be easily faked. Use social media network analytics to evaluate influencer’s performance and their ability to make a real influence.

Different metrics are valid for different campaign goals. If you strive for brand awareness, take a closer look at influencer’s impressions and reach rate.

However, if you want to increase sales, estimate their engagement rate and the volume of traffic they can produce. In fact, engagement rate is the most common Influencer Marketing metric. It is used by 75% of marketers, to evaluate the performance of content creators.


Never underestimate the activity of an influencer. How often do they post, and where? Do your customers use these social media platforms, and how do they react to different content types.

Quality of content is crucial for your success – it has to be authentic, to make a real impact.

With the over-crowded media space, an influencer worth working with must possess all qualities to produce an interesting and captivating piece of content. Otherwise, users will just scroll down the page and ignore your message.


Last, but not least – an influencer has to be exclusive. We can all agree that authenticity is a keyword in influencer marketing. People consider influencers more like advisors, instead of advertisers.

However, in the case of an influencer working with many brands, their credibility decreases. Consequently, their audience can become more mistrustful towards their content.

Influencer Marketing has the power to maximize your profits, only if enough effort is devoted. Carefully screening and evaluating influencers is a decisive part of your campaign – it can make or break your success. Always try to choose the right influencer, so that you can avoid the risk of losing invested resources.

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