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Discover the right influencers in no time, track performance automatically, organize and manage all your influencers and campaigns in one place with Woomio's IRM software.

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The tools you need to discover influencers manage campaigns measure performance grow your business

The Woomio features are powerful alone, but even better when used together. 

Discover influencers fast

Search for your target audience and find relevant influencers fast.

Analyze audiences

Analyze any audience to see if it match your target audience before reaching out.

Predict the performance

Predict performance in your target audience before buying content.  

Manage influencer contacts

Organize all your influencer contacts in your own influencer management system.  

Manage influencer campaigns

Create custom funnels to streamline the workflow of your campaigns.

Measure performance

Automate influencer measurement and save your content in one place. 

"Reporting is one of the most time consuming tasks when working with influencers. I can cut off more than 80% of my working time from using Woomio."

Marie Klee, Co-founder at Up Agency

The Woomio Core Modules

Discover the right influencers in no time, analyze audiences, manage your campaigns in one place
and track posts and stories automatically.

Discover & Analyze

Discover & Analyze

Search among +91 million social creators to find the perfect fit for your campaigns and KPI's. Analyze audience fit and forecast output of any campaign before you even start.

Manage Campaigns

Manage Campaigns

Which creators have accepted the brief? Who has received products and payment? Customize your workflow and never loose sight of any campaign.

Track and Evaluate

Track and Evaluate

Track the content and performance of your creators automatically. No more asking for screenshots and tedious spreadsheets.

Influencer Discovery & Analytics

With more than 18 filters we have developed one of the most powerful influencer discovery tools on the market. Define criteria such as target audience, influencer category and engagement levels.

No more spending time on influencers that doesn't match your brand and target audience.

Search on posts including words, tags and mentions to find people talking about your brand

Easy overview on any audience to see who is following and engaging with the influencer.

Estimate reach, impressions and engagement performance in your target audience before buying content


Influencer Contact & Campaign Management

Organize all your influencer contact data, store sensitive data correctly according to GDPR, organize on lists and tag to easy navigate among your influencers.

Request and store all the GDPR compliant data on your influencers

Organize all your influencers on different lists and tag them to keep an easy overview

Create custom funnels to streamline the workflow of your campaigns


Influencer Measurement

Measure influencer performance in few minutes. No more asking influencers for screenshots, stories, insights and crunching numbers in spreadsheets ever again. Increase team efficiency and your return of investment.

No more screenshots, clipping and crunching numbers in spreadsheets.



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Discover the right influencers in no time, manage campaigns and track performance automatically in one place with our all-in-one software.

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