Featured Agency: TRIBES.

By Jonas Soho, Managing Director, www.wearetribes.com

Who is TRIBES?

We are a c
ontent & creator marketing agency, specialized in personality based campaigns, often working with niche lifestyle influencers.

We create branded experiences on- as well as offline. Whether it’s social media campaigns, branded events, PR or production services our goal is to create integrated experiences focused on individual stories appealing to social tribes.


What are your clients concerned about at the moment and how are you helping them?

Finding representative creators and stories tailormade to brand messages is the biggest challenge for most of your clients. Communication has become more fractured than ever and especially online target groups may differ from the brands’ classic target group perceptions.

Apart from that influencer marketing has become dramatically professionalised and established so you need to create layered strategies within this already complex discipline.

Jonas Soho

This obviously makes it hard to identify influential tastemakers. Fashion for example is not just one category anymore. It is broken down in a variety of sub-categories that all have own codes, visualities and tonalities. Our job is to keep an eye on that and constantly seek opportunities to help brands to find the right connections.


Your biggest challenges previously and how did you overcome them?

Keeping track of all the interesting personalities out there and manage the communication has always been our biggest challenge and we looked at a variety of solutions which never met our expectations. Some were to generic and some to extensive or just focused on the wrong things (for us).

Woomio helped us a lot and felt like the most sophisticated tool for our purposes. We work a lot with media KPI’s so forecasts and measurements have always been very hard to do.

Jonas Soho

The “ideal influencers” is not only about figures neither it’s only about gut feelings. It’s a little bit of both and with Woomio it has become a lot easier to identify “the right” influencers on both levels.


Your best advice for succeeding with influencer marketing as an agency

It’s all about content. Influencer Marketing starts to experience banner blindness by consumers meaning you need to step your creativity game up.

Everybody knows Influencer Marketing is a lucrative business now so it’s most of the time not enough to just place a product.

You need to integrate it into a credible story and even though that sounds like something clearly obvious that’s the biggest challenge, because of all the tiny details defining credibility amongst social tribes these days.


Your biggest learning in the industry lately

First, consumers don’t have a problem with advertising as long as it informs or entertains them. Authentic influencer marketing was a lot about “hiding” the commercial purpose in the past which is not necessary and possible anymore.

Second, influencer has become a bad word due to of all the hiding and clumsy placements. We need thus more creator approaches to make influencer marketing great again 🙂


How do you see influencer collaborations in the future?

As partnerships listening and exchanging with creators in order to tell mutual stories. Obvious reach placements will still be important just the way banners, SEA etc. will keep being important for a certain strategic purpose but influencer collaborations need to be approached more holistic.

Big influencers are proper testimonials that should be treated as testimonial marketing and I think the lines between influencer marketing and other channels just get more blurred. It’s an integrated marketing tool that can impact a variety of channels.

Influencers have basically been social stars throughout the last years but as a lot of them went from social stars to offline stars and others went from offline stars to online stars, we don’t really know anymore who and what actually to call an influencer.

Jonas Soho

My take on this is though to stop treating  influencer collaborations as the communication discipline influencer marketing. It’s an influential personality with a certain group of people following for whatever reason and that always existed, only thing changed is the presence of social media.

 So what people basically understand as influencer marketing is basically social media star marketing,  but as the line between social media stars and “real” stars isn’t that clear anymore we need to adjust the definition generally. 

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