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By Sofie Desmareth Riemann, Advisor & Partner, 08.10.2019, www.relationspeople.dk

Who is RelationsPeople?

We are a communications agency with a solid understanding of business. We collaborate closely with our clients to change their organizations, enhance their reputations and win market shares. To achieve these goals, we challenge conventional thinking and create potent, practical solutions that make a lasting difference.

We are a communications agency solving many types of challenges. We do not have a single specialty but work within several areas like thought leadership, influencer relations, content development and campaigning, media relations and much more.

What are your clients concerned about at the moment and how are you helping them?

Those of our clients working with influencer relations are mostly worried about the development within the field. You can split it into two groups, the brands that are highly experienced in influencer relations and the brands that have just started working with influencers. 

The experienced brands are seeing the influencers getting more professional, but some also mention a ‘gold rush’ where the pricing does not match the actual numbers of the performance compared to other communication activities.

We also hear clients that are worried about the credibility of the influencers, especially since Forbrugerombudsmanden reported four large influencers to the police because they hadn’t marked their commercial content or the latest case where several large influencers advocated for a bleaching product for teeth that turned out to be a scam or not trustworthy.

The clients less experienced with influencer relations are mostly very curious about trying out collaborations. 

Your best advice for succeeding with influencer marketing as an agency

That is definitely to know the key data points coupled with a broad experience of working with a lot of different influencers. Know your data and do a lot of research – there is no easy way.

Your biggest learning in the industry lately

I don’t know if it is a big learning but I am still puzzled that we don’t see more brands, companies, and influencers falling in love with the data behind it all. I see a slow movement, it will come, I am sure, but at the same time, I am eager to speed up this development, because it will support the professionalization of the industry. We just need to keep the ‘relation’ part of influencer relations at the center.

How do you see influencer collaborations in the future?

I am worried that if all of us working with influencer relations (agencies, brands, influencers) do not safeguard the original credibility of the influencers we will see a market of influencer collaborations that resembles that of traditional advertising.

The credibility of the influencers is what started their success and what really differentiated the influencers from traditional media and advertising.

Sofie Desmareth riemann

If this credibility is lost, if the followers put up a barrier towards messages from the influencers, because they no longer believe the messaging to be trustworthy, the most valuable part of influencer marketing will be lost. And we are back to square one. 

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