Germany’s Top 10 Influencers by followers

Ever wondered who has the highest follower number on Instagram in Germany? Using the Woomio software, we created a list of  Germany’s Top 10 Influencers […]

Powerful Influencer marketing can solve your costly marketing initiatives

Advertising is an irreplaceable part of the marketing process. Even though brands are investing great amounts in marketing budgets, often they fail to combat the […]

How much do influencers really cost?

One of the main challenges in Influencer Marketing is the price determination of influencers. Companies have already acknowledged the benefits of influencers, but marketers often […]

How to win consumers’ trust with influencers?

This is the complete guide on how to win consumers’ trust with Influencer Marketing.    Digital development has changed our lives completely. As a result, consumers […]

Guide to Influencer Dark Posting

Social media marketing is a field with numerous opportunities. If your brand is not familiar with it, most probably you fall behind the competition. Certainly, […]

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