It’s a Match! How You Choose and Find the Right Influencer For Your Brand

We don’t know you that well (yet), but we guess that this scenario can give you sleepless nights: Your influencer marketing campaign was a flop. You’ve wasted money and time on the wrong influencers to promote your product. You’re frustrated and a bit embarrassed. And the blood vein in your boss’ forehead is pumping so […]

Why You Should Use Influencers as Part of Your Media Mix

Influencer taking a photo with a branded product

Influencer Marketing grows in popularity. This blog post will reveal to you why you should consider influencers as part of your media mix. It is a well-known fact that technology and social media have caused significant changes in our lives. The effect is visible in every single aspect of our daily routines and behaviour. For […]

The Ultimate Guide To Creating An Impressive Influencer Marketing Brief

Person writing on a notepad

By implementing Influencers to a media strategy you need to contact them with an Influencer Marketing Brief. With that, a company can take advantage of the fame and credibility of a public figure. This can fill the existing gap between its brand and customers. Such strategies proved to be highly beneficial to an organization’s overall […]

Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing

Group of people talking and sharing information

Are you aware that according to Invespcro, Word of Mouth Marketing drives $6 trillion of annual consumer spending? In fact, 64% of marketing professionals consider word of mouth marketing as the most effective form of promotion. People, nowadays, are 90% more likely to buy your product, if it is recommended by a close friend or a family member. Furthermore, 64% of […]

How Social Media Affects Advertising

Smartphone with social media apps and ads displayed on the screen

Lately, consumer behaviour has changed drastically. This has influenced many industries, some more than others. Perhaps the greatest consequence of the spread of Internet connectivity is evident in the advertising field. Media like television, newspapers, radio might not be dead yet, but appear outdated. Many marketers often consider them as promotional methods of the past. […]