What Is an Influencer Engagement Rate – And Why It Matters

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Influencer Marketing is quickly becoming a preferred marketing strategy among businesses who wish to increase their online presence to achieve the highest return on investment. Where these businesses may have relied on digital ads or social media posts, they are quickly realizing the benefits of having an influencer to drive traffic and brand recognition. Successful […]

3 Most Common Influencer Marketing Challenges

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Influencer marketing, as part of digital marketing, has evolved impressively in recent years. Consequently, more and more companies start developing such a strategy and notice the positive effect it has on their organization. But as well as in every field there are certain things you should avoid doing. Here you find the most common influencer […]

The Challenge of Measuring Influencer ROI

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Influencer marketing is a fast-evolving part of the digital marketing sector. A great number of companies have already put effort into the implementation of this strategy. Similarly to the growing popularity, the budgets allocated for collaboration with influencers grow as well. Organizations claim that influencer marketing brings plenty of benefits. For example, drawing and winning […]

How to calculate influencers reach efficiency?

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Over the past decade, the popularity of influencer marketing has skyrocketed. It is becoming one of the most effective marketing tactics available to businesses. It allows them to improve reach, brand awareness, and – of course – sales. To maximize this incredible asset, however, you need to know how to calculate influencer reach. This can […]

5 Indications of a Strong Reach Efficiency Rate

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Disclaimer: If you’re not 100% sure what influencer reach efficiency rate is, you can learn more HERE. Advertising is all about impact. Influencer marketing makes no difference. It is an industry that has gained great popularity the latest time. However, only a few are aware of how to make the most of it. It seems that […]