Featured Agency: Inmix

Featured Agency: Inmix By Frederik Nikolai Kruchov, Managing Director & Co-founder at Inmix, 25.11.2019, www.inmix.dk Who is Inmix? Inmix is a modern micro influencer marketing company, which was established in 2017. The thought behind the company is, that we want

Featured Agency: STEP

Featured Agency: STEP By Christina Dreyer, Senior Influencer Specialist , 04.11.2019, www.step.dk Who is STEP? Regardless of whether you want to sell products, services, create loyalty or change opinions, we at STEP believe that we need to change opinions before

Featured Agency: Tribes.

Featured Agency: TRIBES. By Jonas Soho, Managing Director , 14.10.2019, www.wearetribes.com Who is TRIBES? We are a content & creator marketing agency, specialized in personality based campaigns, often working with niche lifestyle influencers.We create branded experiences on- as well as

Featured Agency: RelationsPeople

Featured Agency: RelationsPeople By Sofie Desmareth Riemann, Advisor & Partner, 08.10.2019, www.relationspeople.dk Who is RelationsPeople? We are a communications agency with a solid understanding of business. We collaborate closely with our clients to change their organizations, enhance their reputations and