How much do influencers really cost?

How much do influencers charge? By Stelyana Hristozova, 10.02.2020 One of the main challenges in Influencer Marketing  is the price determination of influencers. Companies have already acknowledged the benefits of influencers, but marketers often fail in discovering the proper reward for

influencer marketing challenges
3 most common Influencer Marketing Challenges

3 most common influencer marketing challenges By Stelyana Hristozova, 07.02.2020 Influencer marketing, as part of digital marketing, has evolved impressively in recent years. Consequently, more and more companies start developing such a strategy, and notice the positive effect it has on

The Ultimate Guide To Creating An Impressive Influencer Marketing Brief

The ultimate guide to creating an impressive Influencer Marketing Brief By Stelyana Hristozova, 22.01.2020By implementing Influencers to a media strategy, a company can take advantage of the fame and credibility of a public figure, to fill the existing gap between its

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How Social Media affects advertising?

How social media is changing advertisement By Stelyana Hristozova, 12.12.2019 Lately, consumer behaviour has changed drastically. This has influenced many indusrties, some more than others. Perhaps the greatest consequence of the spread of Internet connectivity is evident in the advertising field.

influencers as part of media mix
Why should you consider influencers as part of your media mix?

Why influencer marketing? By Stelyana Hristozova, 05.12.2019 Influencer Marketing grows in popularity. This blog post will reveal you why you should consider influencers as part of your media mix.  It is a well-known fact that technology and social media have caused

word of mouth marketing
Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing

Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing By Stelyana Hristozova, 05.12.2019 Are you aware that according to Invespcro, Word of Mouth Marketing drives $6 trillion of annual consumer spending?  In fact, 64% of marketing professionals consider word of mouth marketing as the most effective form of