top 3 advertising challenges
Top 3 advertising challenges tackled with Influencer Marketing

The top 3 advertising challenges + strategy on how to bypass them all. By Stelyana Hristozova, 09.04.2020 Advertising is an irreplaceable part of the marketing process. Even though brands are investing great amounts in marketing budgets, often they fail to combat

win consumer trust with influencers
How to win consumers’ trust with influencers

How to win consumers' trust with social creators By Stelyana Hristozova, 02.04.2020 This is the complete guide on how to win consumers' trust with Influencer Marketing.  Digital development has changed our lives completely. As a result, consumers today are savvier and more

reach efficiency rate
5 Indications of a strong reach efficiency rate

5 indications of a strong reach efficiency rate By Stelyana Hristozova, 31.03.2020 Disclaimer: If you're not 100% sure what influencer reach efficiency rate is, you can learn more HERE.  Advertising is all about impact. Influencer marketing makes no difference. It is an

influencer engagement rate
What is an influencer engagement rate and why does it matter?

Influencer Engagement Rate By Stelyana Hristozova, 18.03.2020 Influencer Marketing is getting more popular with time, and there is a limitless number of brands acknowledging the benefits of such a tactic. Just like any other marketing strategy, collaborations with influencers require a

reach efficiency
How to calculate influencers reach efficiency

Calculating influencer reach efficiency By Stelyana Hristozova, 17.03.2020 Influencer marketing as we know it today came to life just a few years ago. However, it is already one of the most effective marketing tactics. It can boost your brand performance by

Infuencer dark posting
Guide to Influencer Dark Posting

Influencer Dark Posting By Stelyana Hristozova, 11.03.2020 Social media marketing is a field with numerous opportunities. If your brand is not familiar with it, most probably you fall behind the competition.  Certainly, there are various ways to promote your company using

Influencer Marketing legal Checklist

How to avoid legal issues with your influencer campaigns By Stelyana Hristozova, 09.03.2020 With the growing number of social media users worldwide, it is not a surprise that social media marketing is booming these days.  Influencer Marketing has stood out among

Influencer marketing trends
Top 6 Influencer Marketing Trends 2020

Top 6 Influencer Marketing Trends that will shape 2020 By Stelyana Hristozova, 02.03.2020 In the last few years, Influencer Marketing has enjoyed rapid expansion. The number of brands working with influencers is further growing.  Accordingly, marketers allocate greater parts of their

The challenge of measuring influencer ROI

Why marketers find it hard to measure influencer ROI By Stelyana Hristozova, 12.02.2020 Influencer marketing is a fast-evolving part of the digital marketing sector. A great number of companies have already put effort into the implementation of this strategy.  Similarly to

choose the right influencer
How to choose the right influencer

A complete guide on how to choose the right influencer By Stelyana Hristozova, 10.02.2020 To develop a successful Influencer Marketing campaign, a brand has to consider many significant points. This strategy type relies completely on creative influencers and the captivating content