Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing

Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing By Stelyana Hristozova, 05.12.2019 Are you aware that according to Invespcro, Word of Mouth Marketing drives $6 trillion of annual consumer spending? People, nowadays, are 90% more likely to buy your product, if it is

Featured Agency: Inmix

Featured Agency: Inmix By Frederik Nikolai Kruchov, Managing Director & Co-founder at Inmix, 25.11.2019, Who is Inmix? Inmix is a modern micro influencer marketing company, which was established in 2017. The thought behind the company is, that we want

What does Instagram’s removal of likes mean for your business and Influencer Marketing?

What does Instagram’s removal of likes mean for your business and Influencer Marketing? By Nikolaj Skarbye, CSO & Partner in Woomio At Woomio, we have been following the development at Instagram and their roll-out of removing the ‘Like’ function closely.

Featured Agency: STEP

Featured Agency: STEP By Christina Dreyer, Senior Influencer Specialist , 04.11.2019, Who is STEP? Regardless of whether you want to sell products, services, create loyalty or change opinions, we at STEP believe that we need to change opinions before

Featured Agency: Tribes.

Featured Agency: TRIBES. By Jonas Soho, Managing Director , 14.10.2019, Who is TRIBES? We are a content & creator marketing agency, specialized in personality based campaigns, often working with niche lifestyle influencers.We create branded experiences on- as well as

Featured Agency: RelationsPeople

Featured Agency: RelationsPeople By Sofie Desmareth Riemann, Advisor & Partner, 08.10.2019, Who is RelationsPeople? We are a communications agency with a solid understanding of business. We collaborate closely with our clients to change their organizations, enhance their reputations and