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Calculating influencer reach efficiency

Influencer marketing as we know it today came to life just a few years ago. However, it is already one of the most effective marketing tactics. It can boost your brand performance by establishing close-knit relationships with customers and winning their trust

Contrary to common beliefs, Influencer Marketing is not limited to finding an Instagrammer and pay them to promote your products. The choice of the right influencer is crucial for the successful outcome of the campaign. 

Marketers need to step aside from vanity metrics when it comes to evaluating influencers. A high number of followers may offer great potential reach, but it cannot guarantee positive campaign ROI.

It is important to measure influencers' performance based on reliable metrics and in-depth data.

What is Reach Efficiency?

One of the assets with great importance in Influencer Marketing is reach. It shows the potential amount of unique viewers, to whom the content will be displayed. 

Most importantly, a larger reach might mean that more people will see the content. Consequently, the audience size is closely connected to the reach. Greater exposure offers greater reach. 

How to calculate Reach Efficiency Rate?

Even though the reach is highly depending on the followers’ count, precise data is needed to calculate the actual audience reach. 

Sometimes, two influencers with the same follower base can reach the pubic differently. Here comes the question of how can a marketer calculate the true reach of an influencer? 

Firstly, the audience demographics must be considered, whether they match your target group. As a marketer, it is important to require as much data as possible, to determine whether the influencer is the right fit. 

reach efficiency
reach efficiency

The pictures above represent the audience demographics of two influencers with the same followers count. 

If your target group, for example, is females, from 25 to 34, living in Denmark, then the second influencer will offer more profitable reach for your brand. 

Moreover, consider reach efficiency rate. It represents a ratio of the number of followers, that is reached on average. A marketer can use this ratio to calculate the actual reach expected of the creators content. 


Reach Efficiency Rate = (AVG. Reach /# of followers) x 100

Such a ratio varies a lot from influencer to influencer and is highly reliable in terms of reach estimations. 

Additionally, higher reach efficiency means that the campaign might reach the target group more effectively, for lower CPTR.  


Influencer marketing can impact the business positively and result in higher sales and brand recognition. However, the choice of influencer is crucial. 

A lot of followers cannot ensure a successful outcome of the campaign. Instead of looking at the vanity metrics, marketers much evaluate more in-depth data.

To sum up, an important metric is reach efficiency rate, which speaks for the true reach of the influencer. It can prove the content creator capabilities, and whether it is a worthy investment. 

Predict Influencer Marketing ROI

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