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5 Indications of a Strong Reach Efficiency Rate

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Author: Maibrit Hovedskou

Published: January 5, 2023

Disclaimer: If you’re not 100% sure what influencer reach efficiency rate is, you can learn more HERE.

Advertising is all about impact. Influencer marketing makes no difference. It is an industry that has gained great popularity the latest time. However, only a few are aware of how to make the most of it.

It seems that the metric of utmost importance in terms of influencer campaigns remains unclear to many. Reach efficiency rate speaks more for a successful performance, compared to any other metrics, including vanity metrics, as well as engagement.

It is a term, which represents how effectively an influencer reaches its audience with the created content.

This blog post will tell you all about how to recognize and indicate a healthy reach efficiency rate.

Reach efficiency speaks more for a successful performance, compared to any other metrics, including vanity metrics, as well as engagement.

1. Audience homogeneity

Typically, influencers with a homogenised follower base have greater reach. Since platforms deliver the content, you might show the greatest interest in, the more alike the audience is, the better the chance of higher reach is.

In case, the majority of the audience shares the same demographics, in terms of geography, and psychography, the relevance of the posts may be greater. Consequently, this can expand reach.


2. Language of communication

Secondly, communicating in the audience language offers greater reach as well.

It is a usual occasion that some content creators are followed by international users from all over the world. An influencer, followed by many international, who speaks only in Spanish for example, might be less relevant to its audience. As a result, it will reach a lower number of users.

3. Time of posting

To maximize the reach, an influencer should take advantage of the peak hours. In other words, content creators must post when their audience is most active.

If you do not upload during active hours, you risk getting your content buried under a dozen other posts.

In this way, every influencer can optimize and increase the reach, while receiving high engagement.

In short, benefiting from peak hours is always a win-win.

4. Post frequency

Another indicator supporting a healthy reach efficiency rate is the frequency of posting. In case an influencer posts more than 2 times per day, it is observed that the engagement rate as well as the reach efficiency decrease.

The fierce social media competition explains this tendency. According to a study, Instagram has over 95M posts and 400M stories per day.

Certainly, users cannot grasp and pay attention to all the posted content. Social media algorithm filters post so that only a small portion is visible to a certain user.

Users miss on average 70% of the posts in their Instagram feed. For that reason, a posting way often might mean decreased reach efficiency.

5. Engagement rate

Finally, the last indicator of a healthy reach efficiency rate is the level of engagement with the influencer’s content.

Engagement rate is a valuable metric in influencer marketing, which shows how much people interact with a particular content piece.

Reach efficiency always goes hand in hand with an engagement rate. The higher the engagement rate is, the more people are reached and impacted.

For every marketer, it is important to monitor the engagement rate of the influencer. Quality content will trigger more people to engage, therefore increase the reach among the audience.


To sum up, social media algorithms are designed to provide the most relevant content to users. However, they are diminishing the reach of influencers.

For that reason, brands must consider all of the stated above indications of a healthy reach efficiency rate, before they choose the right influencer.

Only by doing this, marketers can assure the success of their campaigns.



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